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The funny thing is – it really works!

Astonishing, but true…

to dissolve emotional pressures in minutes at first sounds pretty far fetched. And still, it is possible.

And how?  You might ask.

Very simple.  We concentrate on a specific topic, find out which emotions are hidden behind it and systematically unravel and dissolve them one at a time.

Being emotionally free…

  • we can evaluate a situation in a neutral way
  • new approaches open up new paths and new solutions
  • our self-respect gets a boost
  • we can achieve joy and vitality
  • our dreams have a chance to turn into reality

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Experience is the best teacher

A smart proposition – and what lies behind it?

once we realize…

  • that even the most hurtful experience has its flip-side
  • that it´s exactly this flip-side that enables us to feel comfortable in life
  • and once we are able to dissolve these individual emotions,


  • it´s fun to engage in a step by step process of self-improvement
  • it makes sense to invest the time to do so
  • it´s worth the effort towards happiness

fitting the motto:

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Make use of the summer special!

Try for yourself what you can achieve in a 30 minute coaching-session, and as a bonus you learn one of the techniques so you can apply it on your own.

And all that for FREE!!!

That´s right!  I am gifting you with thirty minutes time in which you can clarify your specific summer challenge.

What you need?  A telephone, skype or cell-phone with WhatsApp or Messenger function.  For more than ten years I´ve been coaching mainly via telephone with amazing results.  You can stay in the comfort of your own home or choose a peaceful spot in your favourite outdoor retreat, no driving time, no sitting in a waiting room.

Need some reassurance?  Check out the client testimonials at the top of the page.

Now all you need to do is simply fill out the form below, add a prefered date and time and you will receive an appointment within 24 hours.

And if you decide to make the summer of 2016 the beginning of your new emotional freedom:

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I look forward to pampering you!

With Love, Iris

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Love, Iris